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Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Engineering, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Mar 2018 – Present Santiago, Chile
Teaching grad and undergrad courses of the Computer Engineering program, and investigating computational models of electrical stimulation of nerve fibers.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Centro Interdisciplinario de Neurociencia de Valparaíso

May 2017 – Feb 2018 Valparaíso, Chile
Modeled retinal neural networks to investigate how motion direction selectivity is computed in the retina.

Doctoral Student and Reasearch Associate

Grill Lab, Duke University

Jun 2012 – Feb 2018 Durham, NC, USA
Modeled nerve fibers and performed in vivo experiments to quantify nerve responses to kilohertz frequency electrical stimulation.

Doctoral Student

Nicolelis Lab, Duke University

Aug 2010 – May 2012 Durham, NC, USA
Performed brain-machine interface experiments with animals to determine the effects of noise on intracortical microstimulation feedback.

R&D Engineer

Department of Electrical Engineering, Universidad de Chile

Dec 2006 – Aug 2010 Santiago, Chile
Developed algorithms for face and object recognition in images, with applications to biometrics and mining.

Research Assistant

Department of Electrical Engineering, Universidad de Chile

Mar 2002 – Dec 2006 Santiago, Chile
Investigated tactile perception by means of psychophysical experiments and mathematical modeling.

Recent Posts

La Escuela de Verano en Inteligencia Computacional (EVIC) es un evento de referencia en América Latina, apoyada por el Capítulo Chileno …


Universidad de Santiago de Chile:

2019 / 02: “Computer Organization”
2019 / 01: “Computer Organization”; “Modeling & Simulation”
2018 / 02: “Computer Organization”; “Computational modeling of physiological systems”
2018 / 01: “Computer Organization”; “Laboratory of Structure of Computers”

Duke University:

2013 / Fall: “Fundamentals of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System” (TA)
2012 / Spring: “Bioelectric Engineering” (TA)

Universidad de Chile:

2004 - 2009: “Analysis of Signals” (TA)
2003 - 2009: “Introduction to Digital Image Processing” (TA)
2001 - 2002: “Electromagnetism” (TA)

Recent & Upcoming Talks

The Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) therapy has been used for several decades to relieve pain in people that suffer from chronic pain. …

Introduction: Kilohertz-frequency spinal cord stimulation (KHF-SCS) was recently proposed as a paresthesia-free treatment for persons …

Detection of motion direction in the visual system of rodents is observed at processing stages as early as the retinal circuitry. …


(2015). Mammalian Motor Nerve Fibers, Models of. Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience.


(2013). Circuit and volume conductor models of transcutaneous electrical stimulation. International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, NER.


(2005). Linear versus nonlinear neural modeling for 2-D pattern recognition. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Part A:Systems and Humans.



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